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Potato Sorting Platform

  • Handling capacity(t/h):40
  • Conveyor width(mm):1150
  • Platform:Two-sided belt conveyor
Potato Sorting Platform

Potato Sorting Platform Introduction

A potato sorting platform for handpicking is a type of machinery that is used to sort potatoes according to various characteristics, such as size, shape, and quality. The platform is typically a large, flat surface, such as a table or conveyor belt, that is equipped with a series of dividers or other separating mechanisms to separate the potatoes into different categories.

The potato sorting platform is typically used in commercial potato farming and processing operations, where large quantities of potatoes need to be sorted and graded according to different standards. It is an efficient and effective way to sort potatoes, and it helps to reduce the amount of manual labor that is required for this task.

Sorting mechanisms:
1.The potatoes on the sorting platform are typically sorted by hand, using a combination of visual inspection and manual sorting techniques. The sorted potatoes are then typically bagged or packaged for storage or transportation.

2.Some potato sorting platforms may be equipped with additional sorting mechanisms, such as color sorters or size grading equipment, to help automate the sorting process. These mechanisms may use advanced sensors and algorithms to accurately sort the potatoes according to various characteristics, such as color, size, and shape.


Potato Sorting Platform Advantages

  • Personalized selection: The handpick method allows for the selection of specific potatoes based on individual preferences.
  • Increased accuracy: The handpick method allows for more accurate sorting of potatoes, as the person sorting has the ability to closely inspect each potato.
  • Flexibility: The handpick method allows for the sorting of a wide variety of potatoes, as the sorter can adapt to different shapes, sizes, and imperfections.
  • Gentle handling: The handpick method allows for gentle handling of the potatoes, reducing the risk of damage.
  • Improved quality control: The handpick method allows for close inspection of the potatoes, leading to improved quality control.
  • Easy to clean: The sorting platform can be easily cleaned to maintain food safety standards.
  • No need for specialized equipment: The handpick method does not require the use of specialized equipment, making it a simple and economical option.

Potato Sorting Platform Common Specifications and Parameters

Model PEPH-SP40
Size(mm) 8180*1600*1446
Weight(kg) 832
Handling capacity(t/h) 40
Moter power(kw) 1.5
Conveyor width(mm) 1150

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