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Manual Chicken Cage

    Manual Chicken Cage
    • manual chicken cage

      Features of The Manual Chicken Cage

      • Hot dip galvanized steel with bending technology, equipment more stable, anti-corrosion, ensure longer service life.
      • Water tank with calibration or pressure regulator. It’s easier to know water consumption.
      • Feeding trough with different materials. Three different materials to meet your different requirements.
      • Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Cage Material of cage is hot dip galvanized steel.The zinc thickness is 275g/㎡.
    • a type manual chicken cage

      Advantages of the manual Chicken Cage

      • Long service life, high stability.
      • Well ventilated, comfortable environment.
      • Low cost of the equipment, easy to operate.
      • Low proportion between forage and egg, low production costs.
      • Applicable to artificial or semi-automatic, open chicken house raising.

    Parameters of  A Type Chicken Cage

    Model M-396 M-4182
    Size L*W*H(mm) 1870*370*370 1870*370*370
    Tiers 3 4
    Doors/Set 4 4
    Birds/door 4 4
    Capacity/Set 96 128
    Area/Bird(cm2) 432 432

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