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Automatic Feeding System of Sows

    Automatic Feeding System of Sows

    Introduction to Automatic Feeding System of Sows

    The accurate feeding system of sows is controlled by the computer software system. With one or more feeders as the control terminals, and a large number of reading sensors to provide data for the computer. At the same time, according to the scientific formula of sow feeding. The data is processed by computer software system. The mechanical and electrical part of the feeder is instructed to work after processing, so as to achieve the data management and accurate feeding management of sows. This system is also called the intelligent feeding system of sows, the intelligent feeding management system of sows, the automatic feeding management system of sows and the automatic management system of sows.


    Advantages of Intelligent Feeding Syatem

    • It realizes the highly automatic control of the whole production process:
      Automatic feeding, management, data transmission, alarm.
    • High production efficiency:
      Improve efficiency of managers(For a breeding pig farm with a population of 750 sows, only two people are needed to manage the pig farm)
      Management is easy(No more than 1 hour per day on average)
      High reproductive efficiency of sows(Under the production mode of 26-28 days weaning. The average annual number of births in the sow farm using the system can be increased to 2.40 per year)
      Increasingly verall economic efficiency(50-120 euro per commodity pig)
    • In addition to fully meet the requirements of animal welfare, it is also conducive to reduce the stress on sows in the feeding process. So as to ensure the improvement of production efficiency.
    • Reduce the risk of epidemic: reduce pollution problems of aggregate feed during transportation and feeding.
    • automatic feeding management system of sows

      Technical Principle

      The pig is equipped with an electronic ear tag, which is read by an ear tag reading device to determine the identity of the pig and transmit it to the computer. At the same time, a weighing sensor transmits the weight of the pig to the computer. The manager sets the pig’s pregnancy date and other basic information. The system operates according to the data (ear tag number, weight) obtained by the terminal and the data (pregnancy date) set by the computer manager, calculate the amount of food the pig needs on that day. And then transfer the amount of food to the feeding equipment for feeding the pig in time. At the same time, the system obtains other information of pig group for statistical calculation. And provides accurate data for pig farm managers to carry out company operation and analysis.

    • automatic management system of sows

      Basic Functions of Automatic Feeding System

      • Fully automatic function of feeding and data statistics
      • Ear mark recognition system for automatic recognition of feeding pigs
      • Automatically calculates the pig’s ear mark number, eating time and amount according to the body weight and pregnancy days.
      • The daily weight of pigs was measured automatically and the daily gain was calculated.
      • The system carries out a comprehensive detection and system alarm for the operation status of the control equipment, the measurement status, and the abnormal situation of pigs.
      • The system realizes the function of real-time data backup to display the current status of the pig.

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