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If you have problems when using our farming machine, please read the instructions first.
If can’t resolve it, just call us, our engineer will provide customized technical support for you.

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We would supply you with the maintenance guide in the instruction. Keep in mind that you should do the related work before and after each work. Considerate maintenance brings you the longer life time of the machine.

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The extra components are charged , but we can ensure you that all the components are strictly in accordance with contract requirements and the relevant national standards.

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Pig Farrowing Crate

We supply 3 models pig farrowing crate/pen/house, respectively CC-A1,CC-B1,CC-C1. In the pig farrowing house, you can equip pig sow & piglet feeders, waterers and heating lamp, etc.

Pig Farming Features in Canada

Canadian pig farming is marching advance to modernization, scale and intensification development with high production level.

Pig Farrowing Crate

Pig farrowing pen is a specially-designed facility used in pig operation to facilitate sow farrowing. It provides sows with comfort and piglets with safety to maintain good performance of pigs.

The Important Role of Water

Water can be used for pig farm cleaning, thermoregulation, and watering, which are important to good pig performance. Since water is vital in pig operation, water conversation is essential for sustainable pig industry

Manual Corn Planter to Nepal

The corn seed planter is a kind of small-sized planting machine with manual operation and one line available working row, which can be used for seeding corn, wheat, sorghum, soybean, peanut and sesame, etc;

Two-row Reaper Binder to Dubai

Reaper-Binder is a unique harvesting machine that cut the crop as well as binds it simultaneously.Our reaper binders exported to Dubai have good working performance.

Rice Reaper Harvester Exported to Spain

Our rice reaper harvester enjoy great popularity in Spain. The small rice harvester has smooth working in paddy field. This small harvester is mainly used for harvesting/cutting paddy, wheat, weed

Soybean Combine Harvester

The harvesting of soybeans include reaping, threshing and cleaning. Equipped with unique automatic floating cutter. The soybean combine harvester adopts the specialized cutter to ensure lowest harvesting height.

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