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About Us

With years of experience in farming machines and poultry breeding equipment researching and designing, it becomes a respected manufacturer and main exporter in the agricultural field. Demeter Machinery has given international farmers access to using high-quality machines with fast delivery and cost-effective price.


Thoughtful Service System

We have a series of Pre-service, Sales service as well as After-sale service to ensure the smooth of the whole process. That is, if you have any question, you can contact our customer service or sales manager, we are at your service at any time. And we promise that your calls, email, letters, fax and other technical advice would be dealt promptly.

Quality Guarantee

The main body of the machine is guaranteed for three years except for the wearing part. Also the man-made causes are not within the scope of the warranty. While you can be sure that Demeter pursues high standard manufacturing and qualified products, and all of our products have passed the quality system certification.

Promise of Delivery Date

Delivery date of products: The date would be in accordance with users’ requirements as much as possible. In the case of special requirements for advancing delivery, we can particularly organize production and installation to strive to meet users’ requirements. In addition, our sales manager would keep track of the position of the goods and keep our customer informed.

After sale service

1. Technical Consultation

If you have problems when using our machine, please read the instructions first.
If can’t resolve it, just call us, our engineer will provide customized technical support for you.

2. Maintenance

We would supply you with the maintenance guide in the instruction. Keep in mind that you should do the related work before and after each work. Considerate maintenance brings you the longer life time of the machine.

3. Components

The extra components are charged , but we can ensure you that all the components are strictly in accordance with contract requirements and the relevant national standards.