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Potato Receiving Hopper

  • Handling capacity(t/h): 40, at field 30 / Warehouse 60
  • Dirt removable rate(%): ≥95
  • Sorting accuracy(%): ≥90
  • Damage control(%): ≤1
  • Potato Receiving Hopper
  • Potato Receiving Hopper
Potato Receiving Hopper
Potato Receiving Hopper

Potato Receiving Hopper Introduction

A potato receiving hopper is a type of machinery that is typically located at the entrance to the plant, and it is used to receive and temporarily store potatoes before they are sorted and processed.

Working principal:

The potato receiving hopper is usually a large, open-topped container with a sloping bottom that allows potatoes to be easily unloaded from a truck or trailer and transferred into the hopper. The hopper may be equipped with a conveyor belt or other loading mechanism to assist in transferring the potatoes into the hopper. Once the potatoes are in the hopper, they can be stored until they are ready to be sorted and processed.

Main function and some data of working efficiency:

The potato receiving hopper is an important piece of machinery in a potato processing plant because it helps to ensure that the potatoes are received and stored properly, and it helps to prevent damage or spoilage of the potatoes during transportation and handling. The hopper may be equipped with various features to help protect the potatoes, such as insulation or a climate-controlled environment, to help extend their shelf life.


Potato Receiving Hopper Advantages

  • Increased efficiency: A potato receiving hopper allows potatoes to be quickly and easily unloaded from trucks or other vehicles, which can help to increase the overall efficiency of the unloading process.
  • Reduced handling: Using a potato receiving hopper can help to reduce the amount of handling that potatoes undergo, which can help to preserve their quality and reduce the risk of damage.
  • Durable: Potato receiving hoppers are designed to be durable and able to withstand the rigors of unloading, making them a long-lasting and reliable investment.
  • Efficient: Potato receiving hoppers are designed to be efficient and able to unload potatoes in a timely manner, helping to minimize delays and keep operations running smoothly.
  • Multi-task operation: Potato receiving hopper can also achieve some grading and cleaning functions.

Potato Receiving Hopper Common Specifications and Parameters

Size(mm) 7080*3025*2380 7570*4600*2500
Weight(kg) 2922 5450
Handling capacity(t/h) 40 At field 30 / Warehouse 60
Conveyor belt drive form Hydraulic motor Hydraulic motor
Motor Power(Kw) 5 7.5
Power requirements AC380V,50HZ AC380V,50HZ
Manipulation form Handle control + button Handle control + button
Roll spacing(mm) 50 50
Dirt removable rate(%) ≥95 ≥95
Sorting accuracy(%) ≥90 ≥90
Damage control(%) ≤1 ≤1

Product Components

  • Main frame: High-strength metal, sturdy design
  • Handling capacity: (40/60) t/h
  • Grading system: Fitted
  • Cleaning system: Fitted
  • Paint: Rust proof and anti-corrosion

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