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Large Potato Haulm Topper

  • Applicable ridge width: 750mm/900mm
  • Applicable ridge height: 150-300m
  • Soil moisture content: ≤25%
Large Potato Haulm Topper

Potato Haulm Topper Introduction

The Large Potato Haulm Topper is a farm machine used to efficiently and effectively remove the above-ground foliage from potato plants (also known as "haulms") in order to improve the health and yield of the potato crop and make the harvesting process easier.


Potato Haulm Topper Advantages

  • Wide cutting width: A large potato haulm topper typically has a wider cutting width than a compact model, allowing it to cover more ground in each pass. This can be especially useful for farmers with large fields or for those who want to reduce the time and effort required to cut and tidy the haulm.
  • Multiple cutting blades: A large potato haulm topper may have more cutting blades than a compact model, allowing it to cut and chop the haulm into smaller pieces more efficiently. The blades may also be arranged in a double helix pattern to ensure an even and thorough cut.
  • Adjustable blade height: Some large potato haulm toppers may have an adjustable blade height feature, which allows the operator to raise or lower the cutting blades to match the height of the haulm. This can be useful for cutting haulm of different heights or in fields with uneven terrain.
  • Strong and durable construction: A large potato haulm topper is typically built with strong and durable materials to withstand the demands of heavy use in a farming environment. It may also have a simple and reliable design to reduce the need for maintenance and repairs.
  • Multiple working speeds: A large potato haulm topper may have the ability to operate at different speeds, allowing the operator to adjust the speed based on the conditions of the field or the desired level of precision.

Potato Haulm Topper Common Specifications and Parameters

Model PEPHT-L360
Size(mm) 2790*3988*1200
Weight(kg) 1180
Working Width(mm) 3600
Linkage Three point-linkage
Matched power(kw) 74.5~134.2
Matched power(hp) 100~180

Main features:

  • It is larger and more powerful than the Compact Potato Haulm Topper, and is equipped with four rows of four ridges of cutting blades that rotate at high speeds to slice through even denser potato plant foliage.
  • It is typically mounted on a tractor or other farm vehicle and pulled behind it as it travels through the field, with the cut foliage left behind on the ground to decompose or be removed.

Potato Haulm Topper Features:

  • The machine has a double helix of cutting blades mounted on a shaft, which cut and chop the haulm into small pieces. The chopped haulm is then dispersed back into the soil, where it can decompose and add nutrients to the soil.
  • The machine is designed for use in potato fields with ridge width of 900mm and ridge heights of 15-30cm. It is particularly useful for reducing the amount of old, tough haulm on the potato plants, which can make it easier to separate the potatoes from the haulm during harvest.

The machine is easy to operate and has a high working efficiency, ensuring good quality potatoes and improving soil fertility.

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