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Compact Potato Haulm Topper

  • Applicable ridge height(mm):150-300
  • Applicable ridge width(mm):900
  • Soil moisture content:≤25%
Compact Potato Haulm Topper

Compact Potato Haulm Topper Introduction

A Compact Potato Haulm Topper is a type of farm equipment used for topping potato plants, also known as "haulms", which helps to efficiently and effectively remove the above-ground foliage from the plants as they approach harvest time.This is typically done in the late growing season, once the potato tubers have reached their full size and are starting to mature. This helps to improve the overall health and yield of the potato crop, and can also make the harvesting process easier and more efficient. The Compact Potato Haulm Topper is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it well-suited for use on smaller farms or in situations where space is limited.

Main feature:
The specific model with "2 ridges and 2 rows," likely refers to the layout of the cutting blades on the machine. The blades are arranged in two rows, with each row consisting of two ridges or rows of blades. This configuration is designed to efficiently cut through the potato plant foliage, leaving a clean, even cut.

The process of operation:
The Compact Potato Haulm Topper is typically mounted on a tractor or other farm vehicle and pulled behind it as it travels through the field. The cutting blades rotate at high speeds, slicing through the potato haulms as the machine moves along. The cut foliage is then left behind on the ground, where it can be left to decompose or removed from the field.


Compact Potato Haulm Topper Advantages 

  • Manageability: Compact haulm toppers are smaller and lighter than large haulm toppers, making them easier to maneuver and operate in tight spaces or on hilly terrain.
  • Improved potato yield: Using a potato haulm topper can help improve the yield of potatoes by removing the tops of the plants and allowing the potatoes to mature and grow to their full size.
  • Reduced disease risk: Removing the tops of the potato plants can also help reduce the risk of disease, as many potato diseases are spread through the foliage of the plants.
  • Easier harvest: By removing the tops of the potato plants, it becomes easier to access and harvest the potatoes, as they are no longer hidden beneath the foliage.
  • Increased storage time: Removing the tops of the potato plants can also help extend the storage time of the potatoes, as the potatoes will be able to dry out more completely and will be less susceptible to rot.

Compact Potato Haulm Topper Common Specifications and Parameters

Model PEPHT-C180
Size(mm) 2240
Weight(kg) 600
Working Width(mm) 1800
Productivity(hm2/h) 0.5~1
Working Speed(km/h) 3~7
Working Rows 2 ridges 2 rows
Applicable ridge width(mm) 900
Applicable ridge height(mm) 200~300
Linkage Three point-linkage
Matched power(kw) ≥44.7
Matched power(hp) ≥60

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