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Potato Interrow Cultivator

  • Working Width(mm):3600
  • Applicable ridge width(mm):900
  • Matched power(kw):89.4~134.23
  • Potato Interrow Cultivator
  • Potato Interrow Cultivator
Potato Interrow Cultivator
Potato Interrow Cultivator

Potato Interrow Cultivator Introduction

A Large Potato Inter-row Cultivator is a farm implement designed for large-scale farming operations. It is typically used for cultivating the area between rows of potato plants, and is designed to be the largest and most powerful cultivator of the three types. It is capable of completing tasks such as loosening the soil, removing weeds, building ridges, and applying fertilizers, while also increasing the temperature of the soil and maintaining moisture levels.

Key characteristics:

1.This cultivator features a new curved structure for the tillage tools, which is particularly suitable for the start of cultivation in cold areas of the north, especially for cultivating tuber crops.

2.The cross-section of the ridges is small at the bottom and large in the middle with an outward drum shape, and the shape of the ridges is smooth and neat, increasing the ability to store tubers per ridge. The ridges have the effects of drought resistance, moisture retention, heat preservation, and increased yield.

3.The tillage tool walls use a curved surface design for the tillage tools, making the force surface of the tillage tools more reasonable and the working resistance smaller. The width of the tillage tool walls on both sides is adjustable and can control the size of the ridges. The lower part of the tillage tool walls of this tillage tool uses an inward form, so that the tubers will not be scratched during the cultivation process, and the ridges are tightly covered, preventing the tubers from easily appearing on the ground, which is extremely beneficial for the growth and development of the tubers.

Compared with the other two types of Potato Inter-row Cultivator:

1.As the largest and most powerful cultivator of the three types, the Large Potato Inter-row Cultivator is the most efficient and effective at cultivating large areas of land quickly and efficiently. It may be equipped with more advanced tillage tools or features to further improve its performance.

2.It may be less maneuverable in tight or uneven terrain due to its size and weight, and may require a larger and more powerful tractor or engine to operate. 


Potato Interrow Cultivator Advantages

  • Multi-task machine: Can perform a variety of tasks by changing different working parts, including intercultivation, weed control, deep loosening, fertilization, soil preparation, and trenching.
  • High efficiency: A Large Potato Inter-row Cultivator is designed for large-scale farming operations, and is able to cover a large area in a short period of time. This makes it a highly efficient tool for cultivating potato plants.
  • The use of a Large Potato Inter-row Cultivator can help to improve the overall health and productivity of the soil, leading to increased crop yields in the long term. By cultivating the soil on a regular basis, farmers can help to maintain a healthy balance of nutrients and moisture, which is essential for the growth and development of potato
  • Has a strong structure, reliable performance, and strong adaptability.
  • Row spacing, intercultivation depth, and fertilization rate can be adjusted within a large range.

Large Potato Inter-row Cultivator Common Specifications and Parameters

Model PEPIC-L360
Size(mm) 2370*3729*1530
Weight(kg) 1020
Applicable ridge width(mm) 900
Working Width(mm) 3600
Linkage Three point-linkage
Matched power(kw) 89.4~134.23
Matched power(hp) 120~180

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