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Mid-Size Potato Interrow Cultivator

  • Working Width(mm):1800
  • Productivity(hm2/h):0.6~0.9
  • Applicable ridge width(mm):900
Mid-Size Potato Interrow Cultivator

Mid-Size Potato Interrow Cultivator Introduction

A Mid-Size Potato Inter-row Cultivator is a farm implement designed for medium-scale farming operations. It is typically used for cultivating the area between rows of potato plants, and is designed to be larger and more powerful than a compact cultivator.

The Mid-Size Potato Inter-row Cultivator typically consists of a main frame mounted on wheels or tracks, with a double set of tillage tools attached to the frame. The tillage tools may include rotary hoes, sweepers, or rolling cultivators, which are used to loosen and break up the soil, remove weeds, and level the ground around the potato plants. The tillage tools are arranged in a double row configuration, with two rows of tools for cultivating each row of potato plants. It also can improve soil structure and drainage and reduce the risk of diseases and pests. Besides these, it can help to save time and labor by reducing the need for manual weed control methods.

Well-suited position:

The Mid-Size Potato Inter-row Cultivator is typically powered by a medium-sized tractor or engine, and is designed to be easily operated by a single farmer or hired operator. It is typically used on plots of land with moderate-sized rows of potato plants, and may be adjusted to suit the specific needs of the soil and plants. The cultivator is typically used after the potato plants have emerged from the soil and are actively growing, and may be used in conjunction with other farming equipment such as seed drills or fertilizers.

Compared with a compact cultivator:

1.The Mid-Size Potato Inter-row Cultivator is typically more efficient and effective at cultivating and controlling weeds due to its larger size and power.

2.It is capable of covering more ground in a single pass and may be equipped with more advanced tillage tools or features.

3.However, it may be less maneuverable in tight or uneven terrain due to its size and weight.


Mid-Size Potato Interrow Cultivator Advantages 

  • Improved soil structure: Mid-Size Potato Inter-row Cultivators can help to improve the structure of the soil, making it more porous and easier for plants to grow.
  • Reduced labor costs: Mid-Size Potato Inter-row Cultivators are designed to be operated by a single person, which can reduce labor costs and make farming more efficient.
  • Greater control: Mid-Size Potato Inter-row Cultivators allow farmers to have greater control over the cultivation process, allowing them to tailor their operations to suit the specific needs of their soil and plants.
  • Increased yield: By providing proper care and maintenance to the soil, Mid-Size Potato Inter-row Cultivators can help to increase the yield of potato crops. This can be achieved through tasks such as loosening the soil, removing weeds, and applying fertilizers, which can all contribute to healthier plant growth and development.

Mid-Size Potato Inter-row Cultivator Common Specifications and Parameters

Model PEPIC-MS180
Size(mm) 2370*1920*1530
Weight(kg) 860
Applicable ridge width(mm) 900
Working ridges 2
Working Width(mm) 1800
Working speed(km/h) 4~6
Productivity(hm2/h) 0.6~0.9
Small spring tine working depth(mm) 50~100
Large tine working depth(mm) 80~200
Linkage Three point-linkage
Matched power(kw) ≥44.7
Matched power(hp) ≥60

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