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Corn Planting and Harvesting Seasons

Corn crops around the world have their own unique production cycles of planting and harvesting time frames. Below are some information of planting and harvesting corn crops within each country. Grain prices tend to fluctuate the most during the growing seasons, as supply expectations can shift significantly due to planed acreage, weather and growing conditions.

In the United States, most of the corn crop is grown in the Midwest. Typically, the southernmost areas will begin planting corn  first and then the most northern areas will begin planting as the snow is gone and the soil is thawed.

United States (39% of world production)

Planting: Corn crops are planted beginning in April and last into June.

Harvest: Corn is mainly harvested in October and is finished by the end of November.

China (21% of world production)

Planting: Corn is planted in mid-March through early June.

Harvest: August through October.

European Union (8% of world production)

Planting: Mid-April through early June.

Harvest: Mid-August through late October.

Brazil (6% of world production)

Planting: Early August through November

Harvest: February through May

Argentina (3% of world production)

Planting: October through November

Harvest: March through May