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Grass Chopper Machine

    Grass Chopper Machine

    Introduction of The 9ZP-0.5 Grass Chopper Machine

    Model 9ZP-0.5 grass chopper is a newly-designed machine that combines chaff cutting and crushing functions together. It can cut grass and straws (corn straw, grass, wheat stalk) into very small pieces to feed cows, chickens, horses, etc. The size of the finished materials can be controlled according to the sieve hole. Dairy farmers can change suitable sieves in accordance with the production requirement, which is simple and practicable. Compared with other chaff cutters, 9ZP-0.5 Grass Chopper is more economical and practical.

    The cow feed grass cutter machine is well-designed with small occupation space. It mainly includes 6 parts: feeding roller, cutting device, gear shifting structure, spindle, crushing devices and induced draft fan, etc. Its mating power is 2.2-3kW, which is suitable for both home use and commercial use.

    Features of 9ZP-0.5 Cow Feed Grass Cutter Machine

    • Economic benefits. This machine has the function of grass cutting and crushing. You don’t need to buy a pulverizer.
    • The machine is equipped with the gearshift, which can help you handle different accidents.
    • This machine can process all kinds of coarse and fine fodder.
    • It also has 4 wheels as the moving device. It is easy for users to move.
    • Color can be customized according to requirements

    Working Principle of 9ZP-0.5 Dairy Farm Grass Cutter Machine

    It is a combination of the ensilage cutter and grass crusher. And it has two feeding hoppers. Grasses and straws are cut through the feed hopper inlet. Then these materials are entered into the crushing chamber to regrind through the grinder hopper inlet. The finished materials will leak out from the sieve hole, and be pulled out by the fan. For some little materials, such as the peanut shell, beanstalk will be directly entered into the crushing chamber through the grinder hopper inlet. Then these finished materials are pulled out by the fan. Finally, the whole process is accomplished. The whole machine structure is reasonable and practical. Different from Chaff Cutter cum Grain Grinder, the 9ZP-0.5 Grass Chopper is with a continuous process to cut & crush grasses. While chaff cutter cum grain grinder machine is a machine with 2 different functions which cannot work simultaneously.


    1. This machine has 3 gears. When the machine runs normally, push the lever to the “in” position. If the machine is blocked, immediately push the handle to the “stop” position. Then wait a few minutes, push the lever to “out” position. Reduce the input and restart the machine when the raw material is out from the chopper. When the machine is out of work, push the handle to the “stop” position. Users should push the lever properly.
    2. During operation, don’t put your hands to the feeding roller and press roller. And users can’t use a wood stick or metal stick to push raw materials into the inlet roller. Ensure personal security. No one can stand in front of the outlet.
    3. When working, if the feed inlet is blocked, users should immediately push the handle to the “stop” position. After a few minutes, push the handle to the “out” position. If the problem can’t be solved, turn off the machine and check carefully.
    4. During the operation, if you hear any abnormal noise at the machine should immediately turn off and check it. Users can’t open the protective cover when working.
    5. When working, the operator can’t stay away from the machine. The power must be cut off when you are away. Prevent kids from touching the machinery.



    Technical Data of Grass Crushing Process

    Main shaft speed(r/min)
    Matched Power
    Rotor diameter
    Hammer Pieces
    4 Groups(4 pieces each group)
    Sieve diameter

    Technical Data of Grass Cutting Process

    Matched Power
    Motor Speed
    Main shaft speed(r/min)
    950 r/min

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