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Mini Sugarcane Harvester

    Mini Sugarcane Harvester

    Mini Sugarcane Harvester

    Mini sugarcane harvester usually is self-propel machine or connected with tractors. It has functions of picking up fallen sugarcane, cutting and paving the stalk.  It can adapt to different land forms.


    Features of Mini Sugarcane Harvester

    • It can reap and pave sugarcanes neatly in various nature state such as fallen sugarcanes.
    • Use advanced hydraulic control systems so that the machine can be adjusted according to different field conditions.
    • With small size, light weight which makes the machine more flexible on the field.
    • The knife can cut deep into 20-30mm soil layer, so the damaged rate is lower.
    • With low oil consumption. The oil consumption of this machine is less than 0.15kg per hour.
    • mini sugarcane cutter

      Warm Tips for Using Sugarcane Harvester

      There are small small tips for using them.

      First, sugarcanes combine harvester are suitable for large quantity sugar cane harvesting and more suitable for plain ground. While mini harvester are more flexible for sugarcane harvesting and can adapt to different land forms such as mountainous region, coteau, soft sugarcane field.

      Second, the harvested in segments must be rapidly processed. The sugar cane began to lost its sugar content once been cut, so if your harvest the sugarcane in segments, the sugar cane should be processed as soon as quickly. However, it also has benefits for it can harvest the sugarcane faster and more efficient.

    Working Video

    Mini Sugarcane Harvester Parameter

    Model AMS-SHM
    Power 12.1kw
    Productivity ≥ 5000 kg/h
    Oil consumption ≤0.15Kg/h
    Applicable row space 0.8-1.5 m
    Weight 1300 kg
    Dimension 3730mm(L)×2260mm (W)×1970mm(H)

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