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Soybean Combine Harvester

    Soybean Combine Harvester

    Soybean Combine Harvester Introduction

    4LZ-1.6 type self-propelled soybean harvester, with a shape-mimicking floating cutting header, can complete the processes of soybean crop harvesting, threshing separation, cleaning, collecting, and stacking and recycling of bean straw and bean skin in one go. This machine is a dedicated soybean combine harvester, with low breakage rate, high cleaning degree, and excellent harvesting performance.


    Soybean Combine Harvester Advantage 

    • Equipped with 140 horsepower engine, strong power.
    • Front wheel 11.2-24, rear wheel 7.5-20, mechanical four-wheel drive (1.6A model is two-wheel drive), high ground clearance, good passing performance
    • Closed cab, floating seat, hard-connected gear, comfortable operation
    • Using a profiling floating header, the cutter floats and cuts along with the landscape without leaking pods.
    • The reel speed is infinitely adjustable to adapt to various yields of soybeans.
    • A stacking and recycling device is thoughtfully installed at the rear of the machine to collect soybean straw and bean hulls as fodder, helping users obtain higher profits.
    • harvesting soybean field combine harvester working

      Working Process of Soybean Combine Harvester

      The harvesting of soybeans include three processes which is reaping, threshing and cleaning. First, the cutter of the harvester cuts the soybeans. As the harvester machine drives through the field, the soybeans are pulled into the harvester in the front section, namely the head then the soybeans are collected by the rotating reel and cut by the cutter. Then the soybeans are fed into the threshing cylinder where the soybeans are separated from the plants. Finally, the cleaning process is accomplished by using air blower.

    • Soybean Combine Harvester

      Why Choose Us?(Soybean Harvester Review)

      • Good Performance and High Working Reliability.
      • Long Time Guarantee and Best After-sale Service.
      • Competitive Price with Good Quality.
      • Low Energy Consumption.

    Technical Specification

    Model 4LZ-1.6
    By Wheel 4WD
    Work Productivity(hm²/h) 0.2~0.47
    Working Speed (km/h) 1.5~6
    Mini Clearance(mm) 270
    Dimension (L×W×H)(mm) 6400×2000×3300
    Cutting Width(mm) 2560 
    Feeding Speed(kg/s) 1.6 
    Power(HP) 140
    Total Weight 4050 kg
    Wheel Base(mm) 2000
    Max Unload Height(mm) 3000
    Fuel Consumption(Kg/h㎡) ≤35
    Unloading Type Mechanical automatic
     Header Type Contoured floating


    Model 4LZ-9L
    By Wheel 2WD
    Work Productivity(hm²/h) 0.8~1.5
    Power(HP) 190
    Working Width(mm) 2840
    Total Weight(kg) 6010
    Dimension (L×W×H)(mm) 7300×3050×3420
    Engine Speed(r/min) 2200
    Feeding Quantity(kg/s) 9


    Model 4LZ-10L 4LZ-10LS
    By Wheel Front-wheel Drive Four-wheel Drive
    Work Productivity(hm²/h) 2.0~3.6 2.0~3.6
    Power(HP) 200 200
    Working Width(mm) 3000 3000
    Total Weight(kg) 6810 6900
    Dimension (L×W×H)(mm) 7180×3300×3570 7180×3300×3570
    Engine Speed(r/min) 2200 2200
    Feeding Quantity(kg/s) 10 10

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