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Walking-type Small Rice Harvester

    Walking-type Small Rice Harvester

    Walking-type Small Rice Harvester Basic Information

    This walking type harvester is mainly used for harvesting rice grain and wheat grain and it has been granted the national patent, independently developed by our company through learning the advanced technology home and abroad as well as our own developing experience.


    Walking-type Small Rice Harvester Highlights

    • Multi-functional combine harvester with diesel engine: mainly used for rice and wheat reaping and threshing;
    • Adjustable front cutting header (up and down): available for harvesting crops with different height;
    • Convenient for farming work: specially suitable for hills and mountains area or the areas where general combine harvester can not enter in;
    • Suitable for home as well as commercial use;
    • Relatively simple structure, low maintenance and repair cost;
    • Two types according to the different soil conditions: the rubber-wheel type rice harvester and the triangular-belt type rice harvester.
    • triangular belt rice harvester

      About the Rubber-wheel Type and the Triangular-belt Type

      • The rubber-wheel type small rice harvester has outstanding advantages at working in dry and flat farmland. The rubber wheel is flexible to move and easy to adjust direction.
      • The triangular-belt type is a reasonable choice for wet or muddy farm land. The triangle type can ensure a safe and smooth movement in the muddy paddy land and it can also fully show its advantages in rugged paddy field, because the triangle belt design is a great help for keeping balance and stability.
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      Attentions to Operation

      • Donnot start to harvest rice immediately when the machine just start, keep the machine work for 3-5 minutes in unloading condition.
      • Be sure not to reduce speed by stepping accelerator. In order to keep harvesting quality, you should keep the machine in a strong accelerator, in case to slow down, you can adjust to low gears, while the accelerate should keep in a fixed position.
      • Please keep the transmission belt and chains in a balanced way, neither too loose nor too tight.
      • Adjust forward speed according to crops sparsity.
      • Stop harvesting when you turn a corner in the field.

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    We Have Tow Types Filter Screen for Different Crops

    filter screen

    wheel tyre type rice harvester dry land rice harvesting rice harvesting in muddy land

    About the Packing

    It was sent to Nigeria

    harvesting machine packing

    Walking-type Small Rice Harvester Parameter

    Standard Type
    One set Triangle track
    One set Rubber Wheel Tyre
    Motive power
    Diesel engine
    Fuel consumption
    ≤20 kg/h㎡
    Cutting width
    Crushing rate
    Loosen rate


    Total rate
    Machine size
    1 people with grain box or bag for collecting grains
    3 sets/20ft container
    12 sets/40ft high cube

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