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Paddy Reaper Harvester

    Paddy Reaper Harvester

    Reaper Harvester Introduction

    The invention of the paddy reaper harvester is to cut down the wheat and lay flat in the field. The machine is a kind of man-holding & self-propelled harvesting machine. Also it can be matched with the walking tractor which is widely applicable to harvesting crop, especially for the harvest of muddy land. We have 5 models: AMS-60, AMS-80, AMS-100, AMS-120, AMS-150 of reapers/swathers with different cutting width of 60cm,80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm and different engines. So you can choose different types according to your sowing width.

    • wheat reaper binder machine

      Paddy Reaper Harvester

      The harvesting of crops is traditionally done by manual methods. Harvesting of major cereals are done by using sickle whereas tuber crops are harvested by country plough or spade. While all these traditional methods involve drudgery and consume longtime. Timeliness of harvest is of prime importance. The use of paddy reaper harvester can help to harvest at proper stage of crop maturity and reduce drudgery and operation time. Considering these, improved harvesting tools, equipment, combines are being accepted by the farmers.

    • wheat reaper binder machine

      Application Scope of Small/Mini Harvester

      This small paddy reaper harvester is mainly used for harvesting/cutting paddy, wheat, weed which is very convenient for farming. In addition, the machine is equipped with the tires with wider diameter, so it can be widely applicable in the plain, mountain, hilly areas, upland, sloping field, patch etc., that is it could be not only suitable for the harvesting on the big, middle and small fields, but also suitable on the area with inconvenient traffic.

    • Patent Certification

      With a harvest of high efficiency, low breakage, running light and no vibration, no blocking grass, earth leakage fast, simple structure, long service life, the equipment has been approved by the state patent office, utility model and design patents.

      With more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing paddy reaper harvester and high reputation from our customers all of the world, Amisy provides you the excellent rice reaper/harvester with high quantity and long time guarantee. What’s more, the best after-sale service is also available.

    Reaper Harvester Show

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    paddy wheat harvester
    paddy reaper havester
    wheat small harvester

    Technical specification of Paddy Reaper harvester

    Model AMS-60 AMS-80 AMS-100 AMS-120 AMS-150
    Power 4hp 4hp 4.5hp 5hp 7hp
    Cut width 60cm 80cm 100cm 120cm 150cm
    Capacity 600-1200㎡ 1300-2000㎡ 1600-2600㎡ 2000-3000㎡ 2600-3600㎡
    Weight 80kg 120kg 160kg 250kg 300kg
    Size 1.6×0.8×1.0m 2.1×1.1×1.0m 2.1×1.25×1.0m 2.15×1.5×1.1m 2.25×1.85×1.1m

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