Overview of Full-automatic Fresh Sweet Corn Processing Line

This full-automatic line is mainly for processing fresh corns, which can complete processes of corn shelling, cleaning, and threshing, etc. in one operation. The processing line is produced by learning advanced experience from other manufacturers as well as consulting practical experience from fresh corns processors. Other than the high-quality machines, we also supply full-range training about the machine operation and thorough after-sales service.

Tips: We also supply single machine for dry corns processing: the corn sheller thresher

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Independent Machines of Full-automatic Sweet Corn Processing Line and Their Features

1.Metering conveying equipment (if distributed with the whole line is decided by the customer): it is to control the corncob conveying rate precisely with automatic-electrodeless speed regulation.

2.Vibrating feed devise: it is to sort the scattered corncobs to get the highest shelling efficiency and the lowest corn grains damage rate.

3.Steam withering machine with vibration and high-pressure: it is mainly to process the thick and solid corncobs that are not easy to shell, by softening the corn bract with steam to improve shelling rate.

4.Automatic sheller machine: it is the master part of the line, and its rubber roller which is made of rubber, silica-gel, and PU, etc. food-grade materials and has properties of safety, sanitation, high efficiency and long service life, can strip corncobs effectively without damaging corn grains, because processors can adjust the bearing rotating speed and the incline angle of the rubber roller to control the shelling and damaging rates.

5.High-pressure cleaning machine: it is used to cleaning the corn grains after threshing, and high-pressure cleaning method ensures the good rinsing and sterilizing effect.

6.Corn stem cutting machine: it is used to cut corn stem for better corn threshing.

7.Corn grains cutting machine: it is for fresh corn threshing with fixed direction & separation conveying, and high cutting rate.

8.Lubrication system: 4-8 roller beds have multiple lubrication points. To avoid polluting the processed corns, the bearing support is lubricated with high-grade lube or white oil for food machinery. And the lube enters the oil filler hole by the oil pump. Every 1-2 hours’ work, there is a 5-second automatic lube-supplement.

9.Electronic control system: it is safe to handle, because the electric cabinet is made of stainless steel plate, and it has 7 pairs of individual control buttons, low-pressure control, safety factor setting, overload and short circuit protection, and the design based on electricity operation standards.

10.Safety protective cover: it is the grid welded with stainless steel pipes, installed up the rubber roller and by the discharge gate to protect operators, and also the grid can be raised to manage general stoppages.

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Full-automatic Sweet Corn Processing Line Technical Data

A.Shelling Machine, feed device, lifting machine

Shelling machine
4.86 KW
Feed device
Lifting machine

B.Steam withering machine, high-pressure cleaning machine

Withering machine
Cleaning machine
Withering machine
Cleaning machine
Withering machine
Cleaning machine
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