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Medium Combine Paddy Harvester

    Medium Combine Paddy Harvester

    Combine Paddy Harvester(cutting width1.5m) Introduction

    This medium paddy/wheat harvester is mainly used for harvesting rice grain and wheat grain, integrating the function of paddy cutting, threshing and seeds cleaning. Combine paddy harvester is specially suitable for both dry and wet paddy field in plain, mountainous and hilly areas. With great adaptability, high security, top performance and high efficiency, this rice combine harvester wins a leading position in international rice harvesting machinery field and could satisfy various requirements of different users.


    Medium Paddy Harvester Features

    • Hydraulic force controlled header and double cutting blads.
    • Optimized design of threshing and cleaning device which adopts double vibrating screen ensuring clean seeds collecting.
    • Brand motor engine with strong power and reliable performance.
    • Flexible gearbox ensures a convenient swerve.
    • Wide crawler, strong crawling ability in muddy rice farmland.
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      Combine Rice Harvester Construction & Working Principle

      The medium paddy harvester machine mainly includes the Cutting platform (header), Middle transportation device, Threshing and cleaning device, Chassis, hydraulic and electric control systems and Motor.

      • The Cutting platform (header): is an important component to the Combine harvester. It is to accomplish guidance of crops to be cut, then cutting the crops, immediately transported them to the side continuously, and through flexible allocation of transmission that continuously sent crops to the Middle transportation device.
      • The Middle transportation device is hand-over equipment that connects the Cutting platform (header) and the Threshing and cleaning device of Combine harvester. Its function is to send the crops which come from the Cutting platform to the Threshing and cleaning machine, achieving continuous work process.
      • The Threshing and cleaning device is to achieve separation of grain and stalk, reduce the impurity in maximum.
      • The Chassis is an assembly of those systems that are the major operating part of combine harvester. It organically make the components of header, transport, threshing, cleaning, and gathering, etc. into a whole and changes the engine power into driving and operating power.
      • The Hydraulic and electric control systems control starting, lighting and cutting platform lift of harvester.
      • The Engine is the heart of combine harvester, providing engine power for driving and harvesting operations.
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      Service and Warranty of Combine Rice Harvester

      • We provide technical guide for installation and operation.
      • The machines are in three years guarantee except the wearing parts.
      • We have English manual and working & maintenance CD which will help you learn, control and operate the machine well.
    • Attention for Using Combine Paddy Harvester

      • Correctly adjust engine speed: In normal condition, if land is even, crop is mature and in the stage of yellow ripeness, field weed is less, we can improve the harvester’s forward speed appropriately.
        • If crops are in the beginning of yellow ripeness stage, heavy humidity, the speed should be slowly;
        • If crops are in the stage of yellow ripeness, low humidity and equally ripeness, the speed can be increased;
        • If in the morning and evening, as well as after raining, the crops stalks are heavy humidity, the speed should be slow when harvesting;
        • If crops are dense, high, and bumper, the speed should be slow; if crops are low density and thin grains, increase the speed.
      • Reap width should be appropriate: under good condition of harvester, operate at full capacity as far as possible, handle the reap width with 90% of cutting platform, reduce miss reap.
      • Correctly control stubble height: under normal harvest, stubble should be as low as possible, but it shall not be less than 6 cm, or else it will lead to cutting knife to eat mud, speed up the knife-edge wear and damage. Stubble height is generally not more than 15 cm as well.
      • Correctly choose the working method: three kinds method allowed: 1. Clockwise rotation method to heart; 2. Turning clockwise to heart; 3. Spindle harvesting method. The general rule is: unloading grain convenient and quickly.
      • Keep straight walking: allowing trace corrective direction. Stop harvesting when swerve.
      • When finish harvesting, you should check and maintain the harvester based on <Harvester Instructions>, do remember all of these must be under condition that engine flameout to prevent accidents.

    Medium Paddy Harvester Technical Data

    Model AMS-RH1.5
    Type Crawler wheel  Self-propelled  whole-feeding
    Power 20.1kw  28hp   2200rpm
    Feeding in volume 3.6t/h
    Harvesting width 1360-1520 mm
    Working Productivity 3-4 mu/h  0.2-0.266 Hectare/h   0.494-0.659 acre/h
    Fuel consumption ≤29 kg/Hectare
    Operator 1-2 people
    1-2 people 210mm
    Maximum depth of soil Design 200mm,  250mm is also ok in practice
    Impurity rate ≦2.0%
    Total loss rate rice≦1.0%  wheat ≦1.5%
    Dimension (L×W×H)/Weight 3800 x 1800 x 1700 mm / 1300kg

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