Sugarcane Leaf Remover Introduction

Another one new kind of machine has been produced to release people from hard physical labor. That is the sugarcane leaf remover. Our sugarcane leaf removing machine is a great device for farmers to remove the sugarcane leaves after harvesting. It can cut the top of sugarcanes and strip the leaves simultaneously, which is a hot welcome product for sugarcane planters and small factory.

Sugarcane Leaf Remover Featuressugarcane-leaf-remover-500x500

1. Wild Application: The wheel gear can be adjusted automatically to be suitable for different kinds of sugarcane regardless of the size of the cane and the degree of bending. And it can strip the long leaves, leaf sheath, fibrous roots as well as the leaf in the tail with wrapping phenomenon.

2. Different Areas: The machine is with reasonable configuration, compact structure as well as stripping rate and long life of the cleaning element. Thus it is easy to operate with strong ability to adapt the slope and rugged terrain.

3. Labor-saving and High Efficiency: 2-3 people are enough for the operation. And the machine has the ability to strip1-2 tons of sugarcane per hour. It can remove leaves with 4-5 pieces sugarcane in one time. All above has lead to the fact that the work efficiency is 3-4 times of the labor efficiency.

4. Economical: What’s more, it requires only 0.5kg of diesel to strip 1 ton of sugarcane which is very economical.

5. Convenient: The leaf remove machine can be used with walking tractor. You can drive it to anywhere. That is , it is easy and convenient for transportation.

6. Others: The machine is also characterized by simple and compact structure, flexible operation, convenient steering as well as little damage rate.The sugarcane leaf remover is a good investment. If you are considering the program, don’t hesitate to contact Amisy! We also supply Sugarcane Harvester !!

sugarcane_stripping sugarcane-leaf-removing-machine stripped_sugarcanes

Sugarcane Leaf Remover Technical Data

Matched power 1100 diesel engine/14.7kw
Productivity ≥5.0T/H
Oil Consumption ≤0.7L/T
Noise ≤93dB(A)
Transmission system Drive shaft, triangle belt, chain transmission
Weight 560kg
Dimension 2700*780*770 (leaf remove machine)
5800*1400*1320 (walking tractor)