Paddy Thresher Introduction

After years of experience in the field of agricultural machinery, Amisy has developed lots of excellent agricultural products that enjoy great popularity. Rice/Wheat paddy thresher is one of our products with mature technology. Welcome to make your purchase. The rice/wheat thresher is mainly used for shelling the wheat, rice, sorghum, barley, millet, etc. It is efficient and can thresh rice and wheat throughly. Rice thresher has the features of compact structure, beautiful shape and reliable operation. Featured by its high production rate, good threshing performance and few loss of grain etc., it is a good helper with farmers.

Paddy Thresher FeaturesPADDY THRESHER

1. Reliable Quality: The machine is highlighted with compact structure, scientific design and superior quality. Besides, it is anti-acid, anti-rust, and moisture proofed. The assignments are of good quality, each index has reached national specification.

2. Wide Application: It is mainly used for threshing various crops like rice, wheat, corn, soybean, barley, sorghum and millet etc..

3. High Efficiency: This thresher has combined working with separate winnowing so that the grain, wheat bran, wheat straw would be separated and cleared at one time. It can thresh various crops in high efficiency, separate husks and remove dust from the production mixture.

4. Cost-saving: The machine has the advantages of high removal rate and low breakage, which would cut down the harvest time and save labor cost at the same time.

5. High Security: The motor control is equipped with over current, overload and short circuit protection.6. Others: It owns advantages such as compact structure, easy operation, easy maintenance and high efficiency etc.

Paddy Thresher Structure FeaturesPADDY THRESHER DETAILS

1. It constitutes of racks, concave screen, drum, cover, main fan, the second suction fan, motor or(diesel), vibrating screen, traction-driven device and so on. The thickened working platform makes it more safe and durable. 2. The much bigger feeding mouth make the feeding job much easier and achieve high efficiency.

3. The bucket is designed with a reasonable tilt, assuring working smoothly in the paddy field.

4. Bigger tanks , higher efficiency roller and more powerful fan device make better threshing job.

5. This rice/wheat thresher has two rubber rollers. Geat drive and rigid structure are used, so the machine runs smoothly.

6. The power is widely available, such as the gasoline engine, motor, diesel engine.

paddy_threshing WHEAT THRESHER

Paddy Thresher Working Procedure

Operation Principle: When the machine is in operation, firstly put the crops into machine from feeder. Next crops will be rubbed, squeezed, collided and shaken by assembly of rack and screen mesh. Then the grain would be separated from the culm, and flow out from the screen mesh. Finally, the culm will be thrown out by centrifugation of roller, and threshing is finished.

Threshing Machine Installationlarge_paddy_thresher

1. Put the rice/wheat thresher on the flat place.
2. Fix the right motor.
3. Check the V-belt carefully and adjust the direction of the motor.
4. Adjust the space between rollers and concave.
5. Make sure the screw tight.
6. Make the thresher spinning 3-5 minutes to assure no any abnormality happen, then start to work.

Paddy Thresher

Model AMS-RT01 AMS-RT02 AMS-RT03
Power 220V 220V Diesel Engine
Roller width 40mm 50mm /
Working Productivity 300-400 kg/h 400-500 kg/h 1500-2200 kg/h
Operator 1-2 people 1-2people 1-2people
Threshing rate >99%
Broken rate ≤1.0%
Total loss rate ≤1.0%
Weight 60kg 80kg 432kg
Dimension 1250×700×800mm 1500×800×1000mm 2011×2218×1945mm