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Reaper Binder for Wheat/Rice/Grass/Barely

Reaper Binder Introduction
Reaper binder is mainly used to harvest and bind low stem crops such as wheat, rice, grass, barely, oats, reed and straw, etc. The machine has different structure and working rows to meet different requirements of customers. The reaper and binder machines can be divided into self-propelled and wheel tyre types. While according to the working rows of the machine, the reaper binder machine can be divided into three rows reaper binder and two rows reaper binder.
Characteristics of Reaper and Binder

reaper binder

▶ Multi-functional. This reaper and binder machine can used for many kinds of low stem crops.
▶ High adaptation. The machine can used in many different kinds of land forms, such as hills, slops, mountains, etc.
▶ With high flexibility. The reaper-binder machine has a compact structure and small volume. It is more flexible and easier to operate on the field.
▶ User-friendly. The steer control handle bar can be freely adjusted to up, down, left or right. The handle can be adjusted around 180°, vertical 30°which is more flexible to be handled in different environment.
▶ Adopt shaft drive system which works more stable and safe.
▶ Optional working row. There are two kinds of machines with 2 or 3 working rows.
▶ Use advanced technology which makes the grain binder has good threshing ability and low loss rate, less than 1%.
▶ High reliability and low fuel consumption. The reliability of the harvester binder is above 90% and the machine consume less than 8 kg fuel per hm2.
Application of Reaper Binder Machine
1. The reaper and binder machine is a popular machine among farmers. It is used in the harvesting of many kinds of crops as wheat, rice, barely, etc.
2. Reaper binder equipment is applicable in the plain, hills, slops, small field and mountains or areas where general combined harvesters can not enter in.

reed bundles
reed bundles

paddy bundles
paddy bundles

grass bundles
grass bundles

Potential Market of Reaper and Binder
With the features of functional and high adaptation, this kind of binder has a vast potential market. Wheat, rice and other grain crops are widely grown all over the world and most of the areas have realized the mechanization of agriculture. While there are still some areas like hills, mountains and slope areas that are not suitable for large machines, the mini reaper and binder machine are very flexible and can adapt to different land forms. The machines will offer great help for farmers in these areas and be welcomed by most of farmers.
Detailed Technical Data of Mini Reaper-binder

Model AMS-RB100 AMS-RB60
Structure Wheel tyre&Self-propelled Self-propelled
Matched power 8-12 hp 6 hp
Working rows 3 rows 2 rows
Working width 1000 mm 500-600 mm
Working speed ≥ 1 km/h 1.4~3.8 km/h
Working productivity 0.17-0.2 hm2/h    ≥0.12 hm2/h
Fuel consumption ≤7.5kg/hm2    ≤8km/hm2
Binding type Automatic Automatic
Rope type Plastic rope Plastic rope
Total loss rate    ≤1    ≤1   
 Reliability  ≥90%  ≥90%
 Weight  300 kg  240kg
 Dimension  800 x 1500 x 1200 mm  2050 x 800 x 1055 mm
 Operator  one person one person


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Product Name: Reaper Binder for Wheat/Rice/Grass/Barely