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Large Rice Combine Harvester

We are one of biggest and professional producer for combine harvester in China. With more than 10 years experience in manufacturing combine harvester and gain high reputation from our customers all over the world. we make sure to supply excellent combine harvester with high quality and competitive price. What's more, the best after-sale service is also available. We have two modes for this type of combine rice harvesterl, one is big tank, the other is small tank, following is the difference between them.
Combine Rice Harvester with Small Tank
Small tank capacity: 0.3CBM 150-250KG
Unloading way: because it is small tank, the grain will be put in bag directly when harvesting, there should be one people stand back of the machine to collect grain.

paddy combine harvester

small  tank paddy harvester

Large Rice Combine Harvester Favorable Advantages
◆Self-propelled and whole-feeding design, low malfunction and maintenance cost.
◆With 75 HP diesel engine, 2 meters cutting width, Auto Transmission, high efficiency.
◆Double axial flow threshing cylinders and adjustable front & rear sieving plates ensure the grain more clean, less breakage and less loss.
◆Big width conveyor groove with innovated cutter bar lifting system can provide a more efficient feeding and a higher lifting level, convenient for working in paddy field and maintenance, and lower the noise and vibration.
◆Lower ground pressure, better for passing in paddy field.
◆Extremely strong Chassis; excellent waterproof suspension wheel system; easier turning & control with friction disc brake and special heavy-duty gearbox for hydraulic steering combine harvester.
Self-propelled Combine Rice Harvester with Big Tank
Big tank capacity: 1.1 CBM 500-700KG
unloading way: there is an automatic discharging tube contact with the big tank, when the big tank is full, the alarm will ring remind collecting grain, then you need to discharge the grain into a trailer or other place.
★ The big tank machine is controlled by hydraulic.
Work freely in both dry land and mud land

rice combine harvester

combine rice harvester

large rice harvester

Grain unloading: Hydraulic control of grain unloading, you can unload the grains to trailers, bags or other places you want

grain unloading

paddy harvesting

paddy harvesting result

Self-propelled Diesel Engine Combine Harvester Specifications

Chassis Rubber Track---400x90x48
Transmission---HST F:3 / R:3
Ground Pressure---≤18 Kpa
Min. Ground Clearance---240 mm
Header Cutting Width    ---2000 mm
Feed    Rice & wheat---2.0kg/sRapeseed---1.5 kg/s
Type of Lifting---Hydraulic
Lifting of Reel---Hydraulic
Conveyor---Chain rack tooth type
Threshing Cylinder---Tangential Flow + Axial Flow, Dual Spike-tooth type
Cleaning Fan (front blowing + rear suction)+Sieving+re-thresher
Paddy fill Method---Grain Tank & Bag
Grain Tank---1.1 CBM/ (500-550 kg)
Total Loss Rice---≤3%
Breakage    rice---≤1.5%   wheat---≤1.0%
Impurity    rice---≤2.0%   wheat---t≤2.0%
Using reliability---≥95


Product Name: Large Rice Combine Harvester